Thursday, May 28, 2020

Process Enhancement

The Sophic Group Business Process Reengineering - Amherst, NH
Business Process Reengineering

There are often more benefits available to an organization from retooling their business process than from any technology insertion or upgrade. Often the technology is not the limiting factor for business success. If processes that evolved using a previous technology are still in place, the full benefits of existing technology are surely not being realized.

Even worse, in many cases there is no single, stable process at all for many critical business operations. Symptoms of this include high variability in the process's outcomes, a strong dependence on certain key individuals to deliver success, difficulty in introducing new individuals into the process, and no clear accountability for the overall success of the process.

At The Sophic Group we believe that processes are frequently easier and less expensive to revise or replace than either supporting technology or people. Also, looking at process in conjunction with new/upgraded technology realize benefits faster, shortening the investment's payback time.

We offer two major process-related services:

and a key support service, Business Case Development that helps to justify these.


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