Thursday, May 28, 2020

Process Analysis and Design

There are occasions when functional or incremental improvements are the method of choice:

  • When there is no single existing "standard" process
  • When the links of the process to the organization's mission and goals are unclear or very tenuous
  • When a process is basically sound, but better efficiencies can be obtained
  • When the technology supporting a process cannot be changed to support a materially different process
  • When the roles supporting the process can not be redrawn to support a materially different process
  • When other participants in a process are unwilling or unable to change, e.g. external organizations
  • When the organization is not prepared to undergo dramatic, cross-functional change
  • When there is no clear business case to support Business Process Reengineering (BPR), but a solid case can be made to optimize one or more processes

In these and other cases, a more modest approach to processes can have a much higher probability of success for a much smaller investment. The Sophic Group can support process improvement initiatives in several ways:

  • Development of process hierarchies, including process starting and ending points
  • Performing Input-Output analyses
  • Developing process quality standards and measuring systems
  • Guiding process decomposition, analysis, and prioritization for improvement
  • Process/workflow mapping and modeling
  • Process metric and monitoring system development
  • Documenting benefits realization from improvement initiatives
  • Developing and delivering training
  • Process documentation and documentation management

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