Thursday, May 28, 2020


Transition describes the program of people, process, and technology change required to move an organizational unit to a different business environment. There are two main types of transition:

  1. Inbound Transition - moving to an outsourced environment, either from an in-house environment or from another outsourcing provider

  2. Exit Transition - moving from an outsourced environment back to an in-house or "insourced" environment

A well-planned and well-executed Transition program is a proven way to avoid some of the problems often associated with outsourcing, such as inappropriate management of human resources, business disruptions, and delayed implementation of new processes.

The Sophic Group can help companies with each of the major phases of Transition:

  • Framing the Transition - assessing the objectives of the Transition program to ensure a business—not merely a technical—success; defining deliverables and Transition success criteria, risk management planning
  • Governance - develop a governance structure that allows all stakeholders a voice in the Transition program, without turning every decision into a committee meeting, and bringing progress with the transition to a crawl
  • Planning - while success cannot be guaranteed in the planning of a Transition, it is quite possible to assure failure at this stage. Careful planning is needed for a successful Transition. Resource availability, timelines, "people issues", technology replacement (for some areas) and stabilization (for others), must all be addressed, typically in a very short timeframe with limited planning staff
  • Implementation - implementing and managing the Transition program across all affected locations worldwide; managing the change from the current IT environment to the agreed-upon, future-state environment; assessing and reporting performance against schedule and budget
  • Measuring Success - requires understanding what metrics are appropriate to assess the success of the Transition, and when and how to measure them
  • Transition Closeout - wrapping up a Transition program, capturing Lessons Learned, identifying loose ends and assigning accountability for them outside the Transition program organization, demobilizing the Transition organization

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